Effortless wordcrafting

Within my business, I am a wordsmith, and when I look back over my life in the corporate world, I was always crafting words together.

Today, I write content for websites, I edit online profiles for my clients, I craft tweets and I write blogs. In the past, I’ve written speeches, booklets and brochures and exhibition text. Words have always surrounded me in my working life.

It was easy for me to find the name of my business: Communication Crossroads, when I started up. I wanted alliteration, and I was impressed with another communication company that I came across called Social Junction, so you can now see why I used the word “crossroads”. The only thing about my business name is that it can be a bit on the long side, so in email and web, I have shortened it to communicationxroads.

Similarly, my strapline was relatively easy for me to put together. “Delivering social media to business and beyond” although I do have some people who ask where exactly is ‘beyond’. It helps that I watch Doctor Who who is often travelling into beyond.

However, I do see other people struggling with wordcrafting, which is when I can step in and help. I understand that what comes easily to me, can prove arduous for others. I’ll never forget that I sat with a handyman at a business course session, who was looking for a good business name. It turned out that his name was M D Fenton, so I suggested he call himself MDF Handyman, knowing full well that everyone in the UK who had watched the eight years of DIY improvement programme, Changing Rooms, would know what MDF was and would also be able to associate that with the name of his business.

So if you’re looking for a new business name, or strapline, why not drop me an email? I can step outside the box of your business and give you a new perspective on your business name.

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