Social media is continually evolving and is definitely the place to be in 2019.

If you have a business, you need to be on at least one social media platform.

The social media platform in which you position yourself, should be one in which your clients sit, not necessarily one with which you are familiar and comfortable. 

So if your business sells B2B and your clients sit in LinkedIn, then that is where you should have a profile which posts on a regular basis. If, however, your business has more of a local, friendly approach, then perhaps facebook is the platform in which your clients sit. 

Of course, it is possible that you have clients in more than one sector, in which case you need to position your postings across a range of platforms.

The factors to consider before you set up an active profile in a social media platform depend on your ideal customer. Key themes that dictate social media behaviour are their age, profession and job role and location.

Social media platforms are developing all the time, so its therefore important that you keep up to date with changes in operational structure of each one. For example if you compare the facebook of today with the facebook of ten years ago, the pages would look very different.

So if you don’t feel comfortable in using an unfamiliar platform, then maybe that’ when you call in the social media team to help.