Social overhaul

As a starting point for our clients, we always conduct an analysis on their existing online presence, and look at all platforms on which they are represented.

We follow this up with a personal, free consultation, during which we chat through everything that you and your business needs from social media and agree on an outline strategy.

From this meeting, both you and us will be clear about which aspects of your social media presence we will be delivering.

The social overhaul package generally consists of:

  • Creating your social media presence – including setting you up on the best platforms for your business
  • Day to day maintenance and management of your social media accounts
  • Enhancing your presence in the world of social media
  • Monitoring and managing your reputation online
  • Developing and increasing your reach online
  • Crafting concise and compelling content to maintain your online presence, enhance your reputation and keep your business at the top of the Google search rankings

To help us, we’ll need to be kept informed of your goals and aspirations, events and celebrations so that we can highlight these for you as part of the overhaul package.

As always, we tailor our service for each client, so fees depend on how big a package you need, but we start our offer at £120.

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