Crafting effective communication for business and beyond

Clever words make us listen and understand. They can make us keen and interested and they encourage us to choose and purchase. Clever words can make all the difference between attention and apathy, click or ignore, act or dismiss. 

We craft the page turner text for all our clients, in both digital online and traditional hard copy content. 

We are passionate about everything that we do, using joined up communications to support the objectives of our clients. 

Communication Crossroads is an award-winning PR and communications consultancy.

Based in the UK but serving a global client base, I’m Dr Liz Walder, and I work with businesses to find better and more effective ways of communicating their message to their clients.

We deliver a range of effective communications for your business, ranging from fresh content to invigorating social media posts. I can also coach you to manage your own communications in a more effective and efficient way.

Our original tailored copy will make you stand out from your competition.


We are finding more and more than business needs support in general office administration, as well as communication. Our offering now includes basic PA and book-keeping services for our clients, thus allowing you to run your business to its full potential.


We offer a full range of services in both delivery and training in the communications field, including outstanding copywriting, business analysis, and press campaign work.

We offer six main services: